Snack list

Women's Fitness (UK) - - Focus -

1 banana with 1tbsp nut but­ter 2 oat­cakes with hou­mous 2tbsp wal­nuts and 2 small or­anges 2tbsp Brazil nuts and 50g blue­ber­ries 1 whole­meal pitta bread with 1tbsp gua­camole 1 cup of miso soup 1 large car­rot cut into cru­dités with 1tbsp cot­tage cheese 1 small baked potato with 1tbsp gua­camole 1 slice of whole­meal toast with 1tbsp cot­tage cheese 1 ap­ple with 1tbsp nut but­ter 1 pro­tein smoothie 1 pro­tein bar

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