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If you’re the type to lie in bed wide-eyed and stress­ing out, there could be one easy cure: chow down a lit­tle ear­lier. Tuck­ing into a big plate of spag bol at a time closer to Gog­gle­box than Eas­ten­ders may be putting your body on high alert for the night, says a study by Dokuz Eylül Uni­ver­sity in Turkey. That’s be­cause eat­ing a heavy meal less than two hours be­fore doz­ing off boosts the pro­duc­tion of stress hor­mones and pre­vents your blood pressure tak­ing its 10% overnight dip. Ide­ally you should eat be­fore 7pm, but what to do when that’s not an op­tion? Lentil soup is your late-night friend, says nu­tri­tion­ist Rhi­an­non Lam­bert*. ‘It’s high in pro­tein and fi­bre to keep you full with­out sit­ting heav­ily,’ she says. Try Sains­bury’s Lentil Dahl Soup, £1.45, then hit your box sets be­fore calling it a night.

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