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Now, the last thing we want to do is stress you out, but all your di­et­ing could be a colos­sal waste of time be­cause of ex­actly that: stress. A study by Ohio State Uni­ver­sity found that anx­i­ety can undo all your hard work and ab­sti­nence by driv­ing up in­testi­nal in­flam­ma­tion, which damp­ens your weight-con­trol hor­mone lep­tin, re­gard­less of how vir­tu­ous the meal. Strug­gle to stay calm and keep anx­i­ety down? Here’s an easy way: add more olive oil and sun­flower oil to your diet. Both con­tain the anti-in­flam­ma­tory oleic acid, which re­laxes the gut. Now chill.

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