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This beet­root-based beauty is your liver’s new best friend thanks to the an­tiox­i­dant be­ta­lain, which will pro­tect it after it’s taken a beat­ing.


Yes, the be­ta­lain can help soothe your liver after last night’s de­bauch­ery, but Pol­ish re­searchers say it can re­pair pre­vi­ous dam­age, too. Bonus.


Sure, you’ve been drink­ing it in smoothie form for ages, but did you know that spinach can pep you up after a heavy night and keep you feel­ing alert?

Vi­ta­min K im­proves cog­ni­tive func­tion and mem­ory. Don’t for­get it.


More than just your nan’s fes­tive favourite, dates were found by a study at Lon­don Metropoli­tan Uni­ver­sity to be rich in se­le­nium, which sup­ports the im­mune sys­tem. Plus, the nat­u­ral sweet­en­ers con­tain flu­o­ride to ward off tooth de­cay. Your den­tist will be pleased.

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