Should I re­ally not bother floss­ing my teeth?

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Nazia, Le­ices­ter

Re­mem­ber the head­lines ear­lier this year, pro­claim­ing floss­ing to be a waste of time? Well, don’t ditch the thread yet – many lead­ing den­tists still in­sist it’s es­sen­tial to your oral hy­giene. ‘While brush­ing twice a day re­mains para­mount, the gaps be­tween your teeth ac­count for 40% of your tooth sur­face,’ says Dr Richard Marques of Wim­pole Street Dental. Ne­glect­ing those spa­ces could lead to com­mon gum dis­eases such as gin­givi­tis*. But make sure you have your tech­nique sussed. Dr Marques says to avoid a saw­ing mo­tion that can dam­age your gums, ‘go up along the neck of one tooth, and down the neck of the other’. Feel­ing lazy? Philips Soni­care Air­floss, £80, blasts air and wa­ter droplets to re­move the film be­tween your teeth with min­i­mum ef­fort. Pearly whites are yours.

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