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I’ve heard about plas­tic be­ing bad for hor­mone bal­ance – is this true?


Re­mem­ber when we all went Bpa-free? That was be­cause stud­ies found that bisphe­nol A (used in plas­tics) was an en­docrine dis­rupter, mim­ick­ing the ef­fects of oe­stro­gen. It can throw your en­tire sys­tem out of whack, with weight gain as a noted side ef­fect. Well, now it looks like the al­ter­na­tives may not be any bet­ter. The chem­i­cals bisphe­nol F and S (BPF and BPS, re­spec­tively), which fre­quently re­place BPA in plas­tic prod­ucts, show hor­monal ef­fects sim­i­lar to those caused by BPA, ac­cord­ing to a re­cent study in Fer­til­ity and

Steril­ity. Bot­tom line: just try to avoid plas­tic wa­ter bot­tles and food con­tain­ers.

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