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na­tive habi­tat The gut.

be­hav­iour in the wild Work­ing in tan­dem with lep­tin, this hun­gry chap reg­u­lates your ap­petite. When your stom­ach is near­ing empty, he bel­lows to your brain that it’s time to eat, then, after you’ve munched your lunch, he chills for about three hours. But when you’re los­ing weight, your body thinks it’s starv­ing (it doesn’t know you’re do­ing this on pur­pose), so it ramps up ghrelin pro­duc­tion, in­creas­ing hunger to make you plump back up. One study found that over­weight adults who lost an av­er­age of 30lbs had 20% higher lev­els of ghrelin in their sys­tem than they did prior to slim­ming.

tame him A full stom­ach will send ghrelin pack­ing, so load up on bulky foods that are low in calo­ries, like pop­corn and broth-based soups. And while you’re at it, try tuck­ing your­self in a lit­tle ear­lier at night. Even a lit­tle sleep de­pri­va­tion can in­crease your ghrelin lev­els and lead you to store more body fat.

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