News just in: eat­ing the right thing at the wrong time could be just as detri­men­tal to your get-lean goals as eat­ing the wrong thing ba­si­cally ever. Check your tim­ings on our food clock and find out when’s good for you

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With food, tim­ing is ev­ery­thing

FULL-FAT DAIRY Swerve: Be­fore the gym One to avoid pre-gym. ‘Fat slows your di­ges­tion,’ says So­phie Tully, nu­tri­tion­ist at SRT nu­tri­tion. ‘And when you ex­er­cise, you di­vert blood away from the gut, which can lead to nau­sea and stom­ach trou­ble mid-work­out.’ Serve: At break­fast ‘It’s over­flow­ing with cal­cium, vi­ta­min D, zinc, protein, mag­ne­sium and vi­ta­min B12,’ says Tully. Best bit? Hav­ing high-fat dairy low­ers your risk of obe­sity*. So milk it for all it’s worth. CHERRIES Swerve: Mid-af­ter­noon Hit­ting the 4pm slump? Avoid cherries. ‘With 7.6g of sugar per serv­ing (80g), they can raise blood glu­cose lev­els – crash­ing your en­ergy lev­els and stim­u­lat­ing hunger,’ says nu­tri­tion­ist Libby Li­mon. Serve: Af­ter din­ner Cherries con­tain the sleep hor­mone mela­tonin, which, when com­bined with the carbs in cherries, stim­u­lates sero­tonin; telling your body to re­lax. Sleep easy. EGGS Swerve: Pre-work­out Poached, scram­bled, fried – how­ever you have yours, swerve eggs be­fore train­ing. ‘Protein takes a long time to di­gest,’ says nu­tri­tion­ist Libby Li­mon. So you could suf­fer gas­troin­testi­nal dis­com­fort mid-burpee, mak­ing that rep tar­get even tougher. Serve: Post-work­out When your mus­cles need a lit­tle R&R, amino acids are just what you need, and eggs are full of ’em. Plus, just one egg pro­vides 13g of protein; that’s nearly a third of your RDA. So, by all means, crack on. FRESH PASTA Swerve: Lunching al desko Chained to your desk for the du­ra­tion? Avoid pasta like the plague. ‘It con­tains glu­cose and en­ergy that you’re not go­ing to need,’ says nu­tri­tion­ist Rhi­an­non Lambert. Serve: Lunching on the go Fu­elling up on pasta for a day on the move is well worth it. ‘Your body needs nat­u­ral sug­ars to main­tain stamina and keep your mus­cles topped up with enough glyco­gen,’ says Lambert. Spag bol it is, then. NUT BUT­TER Swerve: Spo­radic snack­ing A harm­less snack choice, right? Wrong. ‘Nut but­ter is dan­ger­ously mor­eish,’ says Lambert. And re­search found you’re likely to overeat foods la­belled healthy*. So put a lid on it. Serve: Sched­uled snack­ing This’ll help you feel in con­trol and still reap the ben­e­fits of nut but­ter: all those nu­tri­ents and healthy fats. And its slow-re­lease en­ergy will keep you go­ing till lunchtime.

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