How do I hide a han­gover while I’m ba­si­cally dy­ing at my desk?

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Katie, High Wy­combe

The oh-so delicious morn­ing-af­ter panic: you were only sup­posed to be pop­ping out for a Pizza Express (the one with the hole in the mid­dle in place of ac­tual dough) and one glass of Sauv Blanc, but once that kicked in, you fin­ished the bot­tle, necked a sec­ond, hit ‘the bars’, drank co­pi­ous Mal­ibu and Diet Cokes and bad­gered that DJ till he gave in and dropped some old school UK garage. But now it’s

7am, your alarm is kick­ing you in the head and you’re face down on your bed, fully clothed (yep, shoes too) and it’s time to go to work. As­sum­ing the night out was not a work do, how do you hide the hang from your boss? Best bet is to do the ex­act op­po­site of what your brain is telling you: get to work early. Get­ting in be­fore every­one else in­vites far fewer ques­tions than turn­ing up late. You’ll also need a good mois­turiser and your strong­est scent (to dis­guise the stench of re­gret). Your main aim is to keep sh­tum about your wild night. Once your co-work­ers get wind of your hang, you’ll be faced with hourly ‘how’re you bear­ing up, babes’ queries, which will only make it worse. A word of cau­tion: be­fore you get to work, have a quick scan of your In­sta­gram. To make sure you didn’t post a pic­ture of last night’s bar bill. Your boss fol­lows you. Never for­get that.

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