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This lit­tle trio smooths out any thick­ness in the con­nec­tive tis­sue and re­duces fluid re­ten­tion in the hips. Swell


(a) Start face down with your fore­arms and right foot on the floor to steady you and the roller un­der your hips. Roll down to­wards the left knee joint.

(b) Roll back up, play­ing with the amount of weight you can take off the right leg. Yes, it hurts.


(a) Lie on your right side with the roller un­der the right hip, left leg in front and sup­port­ing you on the floor.

(b) Slide the roller down to the knee and back up. When you hit a ten­der point, hold for up to 60 sec­onds or un­til the pain is re­duced by half.


(a) Sit with your legs out in front, an­kles crossed and the roller un­der your thighs. Use your arms to sup­port your weight be­hind you.

(b) Grad­u­ally push your body up and down so it moves over the roller un­der the backs of your thighs.

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