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(a) Hold one dumb­bell over­head with both hands.

(b) Keep­ing your el­bows for­wards and tight to your ears, slowly bend at the el­bow to lower your fore­arms be­hind your head, then straighten again to re­turn to the start po­si­tion. See how many you can do in a minute.


(a) Sit on a bench with your hands by your hips, hold­ing the edge. Straighten your arms and walk your feet for­wards to lift your body up and over the edge.

(b) Slowly bend your el­bows (be­hind you, not to the sides) to 90° as you lower your hips. Push back up to straighten your arms, then go again.


(a) Stand with a dumb­bell in each hand at shoul­der­height, palms fac­ing in, then brace your core and press them over­head un­til your el­bows are straight – but not locked – keep­ing them aligned over your shoul­ders.

(b) Bring the weights back down to the start­ing po­si­tion and go again. Arnie’s got noth­ing on you.


(a) Be­gin in a mod­i­fied plank with your legs to­gether and hands po­si­tioned di­rectly un­der your shoul­ders.

(b) Do a press-up, then turn your body to the right into a side plank, reach­ing your left arm straight up to the ceil­ing. Re­turn to the cen­tre and re­peat on the other side.

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