WH nu­tri­tion­ist Eve Kalinik gives her ver­dict:

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Emily’s di­ary shows she eats reg­u­larly with timed snacks, which will help sup­port con­sis­tent en­ergy lev­els. She could in­tro­duce sour­dough, rye or spelt bread rather than al­ways go­ing for whole­meal toast so she has more va­ri­ety. Aiming to source or­ganic, grass-fed, free-range meat will pro­vide her with more omega-3s, and opt­ing for wild salmon as well as smaller fish such as sar­dines will also pro­vide her with more of these essen­tial fatty acids. Per­haps Emily could switch some of her sweet snacks for more savoury op­tions such as hum­mus and lightly steamed car­rots. She could also swap the cot­tage cheese for un­pas­teurised cheese and go for full-fat or­ganic live yo­ghurt for more pro­bi­otic ben­e­fits, as well as vary­ing with a non-dairy co­conut al­ter­na­tive for the fat-sol­u­ble vi­ta­min ben­e­fits.

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