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First things first – get your hands on a se­ri­ously good sports bra, be­cause you’re go­ing to need it. This is­sue, I’ve got my eye on ply­o­met­rics, the tech­ni­cal term for jump­ing ex­er­cises, which is a one-way ticket to el­e­vat­ing your over­all fit­ness. If, like me, you’re a fan of HIIT, chances are you’re al­ready do­ing some kind of jump­ing as part of your work­outs, and they’re prob­a­bly the moves you dread most be­cause they’re so damn chal­leng­ing. Squat jumps, burpees, jump­ing lunges – they all call for enough in­ner power to lift your body ex­plo­sively off the ground, which in turn in­creases the three magic pil­lars of fit­ness: speed, stamina and strength. How? By rapidly in­creas­ing your heart rate and train­ing your mus­cles to re­act to speedy switches be­tween ex­ten­sion and con­trac­tion. Job’s a good ’un. But, be­fore you go full Tig­ger, a word of warn­ing. As phys­i­cal fa­tigue sets in – which is pretty much in­stant when it comes to ply­o­met­rics – form can fal­ter and the risk of in­jury in­creases. My plyos mantra is qual­ity over quan­tity – fight­ing your in­ner child’s de­sire to bound around and in­stead fo­cus­ing on per­fect­ing form. Here are my cho­sen moves for a great jump-start (sorry, not sorry) to ply­o­met­rics. So go on, take a leap of faith.

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