THE WORK­OUT Do all four moves with a 30-sec­ond rest be­tween sets – that’s a cir­cuit. Com­plete twice more, with a minute’s rest be­tween each cir­cuit. Fin­ish with a bonus set of box jumps

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JUMP­ING LUNGE Do: 20 reps Tar­gets: Glutes

(a) Step your left foot for­ward into a lunge po­si­tion, with your left knee at 90° and your right leg be­hind you, knee just above the floor.

(b) Drive up through your legs and arms to jump, switch­ing your legs in the air to land in a lunge with your right foot for­wards. Re­peat. BOX JUMP Do: 8 reps Tar­gets: Quads

(a) Sit into a par­tial squat and draw your arms back­wards be­hind you.

(b) Drive your hips for­wards as you ex­plode upwards on to a suit­able and sta­ble plat­form, about 50cm high. Land with your knees bent, keep­ing your core en­gaged. Step down and re­peat. Now, jump to it. LAT­ERAL BOUND Do: 20 reps Tar­gets: Hip ad­duc­tors (a) Stand on your right foot with your left foot off the floor and your left knee bent.

(b) Ex­plode through your right foot to jump as high and far to the left as you can. Land on your left foot in a mir­ror im­age of the start­ing po­si­tion, then re­peat to the right. SQUAT JUMP Do: 12 reps Tar­gets: Quads

(a) Lower into a deep squat, keep­ing your back straight.

(b) Draw your arms be­hind you then drive your hips for­wards, push­ing through your feet to straighten your legs and jump up, rais­ing your arms for mo­men­tum. Land back in a squat to go again.





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