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Cle­men­tine Pren­der­gast, 24, lives in Lon­don

‘I don’t have the “ideal” lean and ath­letic body I as­pire to, but I’ve learned to ac­cept it – big boobs and bum in­cluded. I’m most con­fi­dent about my body when I’m naked. While I love clothes, I as­pire to the re­fined aes­thetic of a chic French ac­tress – but at 5ft 5in and a size 10-12, those clothes just aren’t made for me. But I’m def­i­nitely not plus-size ei­ther, and even if

I was, I don’t iden­tify with plus-size mod­els who are of­ten por­trayed in a su­per-sexy way. It’s frus­trat­ing that I don’t see bod­ies of my size and shape (and those of the ma­jor­ity of my friends) in the me­dia, and it’s al­ways made me feel con­flicted about where I fit in. I think that’s partly why I’ve strug­gled with body anx­i­eties my whole life – de­spite never hav­ing been over- or un­der­weight, keep­ing ac­tive and, as a re­sult, al­ways hav­ing been toned. As I near my mid-twen­ties, how­ever, I’m much bet­ter at man­ag­ing them. I’ve come to ac­cept my im­per­fec­tions through ther­apy and now see my naked self as a blank can­vas – not some­thing to be picked apart and scru­ti­nised ev­ery time I have to look at it. While I still want to look my best, I no longer weigh my­self or count calo­ries. And when I train, I’m aim­ing to build strong mus­cles, main­tain a healthy heart and pro­mote a steady mind. I will prob­a­bly never com­pletely love the way my body looks, but that’s okay be­cause I ap­pre­ci­ate it for all it can achieve.’

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