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BREAD WIN­NER Pro­fu­sion Or­ganic Pro­tein Bread Rye & Flax, £2.79, Ocado

‘Just one slice of this dense rye bread pro­vides a fifth of your rec­om­mended daily in­take of fi­bre (30g). It’s also a good source of fill­ing pro­tein and con­tains a range of seeds that will of­fer the ben­e­fits of healthy fats in­clud­ing omega-3.’ RH

BREAK­FAST CE­REAL WIN­NER Rude Health Or­ganic Sprouted Por­ridge Oats, £4.99, Hol­land & Bar­rett

‘I just can’t func­tion with­out my morn­ing oats. Th­ese are sprouted, mak­ing them eas­ier to di­gest, nat­u­rally gluten-free and have a de­li­ciously creamy flavour.’ CS

SPREAD WIN­NER Merid­ian Crunchy Al­mond But­ter, £3.95, Sains­bury’s

‘This is divine. Al­monds con­tain pre­bi­otic fi­bre that nour­ishes your gut bac­te­ria, and pro­duce nat­u­ral chem­i­cals that help keep your brain happy.’ MTM

NON-DAIRY YO­GHURT WIN­NER So­jade So Soya! Nat­u­ral, £1.45, Planet Or­ganic

‘A source of highly bioavail­able pro­tein, this con­tains all 12 es­sen­tial amino acids, with­out all those un­nec­es­sary ad­di­tives found in many ‘clean’ al­ter­na­tives.’ MTM

YO­GHURT WIN­NER Arla Skyr Ice­landic Style Yo­gurt Sim­ply Nat­u­ral, £1.80, Ocado

‘As a great source of pro­tein and low in fat, this is a good al­ter­na­tive to Greek yo­ghurt and has a slightly sweeter taste. Per­fect to start the day.’ RH

NON-DAIRY/ ALT MILK WIN­NER A2 Semi-skimmed Milk, £1.35, Sains­bury’s

‘Re­search has shown that, for some, lac­tose in­tol­er­ance might ac­tu­ally be a sen­si­tiv­ity to A1, a pro­tein found in cow’s milk. This could be the an­swer if you suf­fer from bloat­ing and cramps af­ter drink­ing cow’s milk. Ge­nius!’ LT

HIGHLY COM­MENDED Biona Or­ganic Rye Ama­ranth/quinoa Bread, £1.65, Tesco

HIGHLY COM­MENDED Raw Ec­stasy Ac­ti­vated Al­mond But­ter, £6.49, Planet Or­ganic

HIGHLY COM­MENDED Rude Health Or­ganic Cashew Drink, £3, Waitrose

HIGHLY COM­MENDED Yeo Val­ley Nat­u­ral Yeogurt, £1.65, Tesco

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