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CRISP/CRACKER WIN­NER RW Gar­cia Black Bean & Quinoa Tor­tilla Chips, £2.92, good­ness­di­rect.co.uk

‘Th­ese are packed with flavour and eas­ily di­gestible in­gre­di­ents but they con­tain less salt than many other op­tions on the mar­ket. They’re sturdy, too, so they hold top­pings well.’ CS

PRO­TEIN BALL/BAR WIN­NER Pulsin Pro­tein Booster Vanilla Choc Chip, £1.45, Hol­land & Bar­rett

‘A great op­tion for mid-af­ter­noon munchies – with 13g of plant pro­tein and a fifth of your daily fi­bre in­take, it’ll keep you go­ing un­til din­ner.’ LT The Pri­mal Pantry Pa­leo Pro­tein Bar Mixed Berries, £2.05, Planet Or­ganic

DIP WIN­NER Me Too! Beet­root Hou­mous, £1.57, Ocado

‘Beet­root ac­tu­ally works re­ally well as a hum­mus – it’s high in fi­bre and packs a tasty punch.’ RH

CHOCO­LATE WIN­NER Lov­ing Earth Raw Or­ganic Dark Choco­late, £4.99, Hol­land & Bar­rett

‘So many choco­lates con­tain emul­si­fiers that in­ter­fere with gut bac­te­ria, but this has just two in­gre­di­ents: ca­cao and co­conut su­gar. Plus the ca­cao is eth­i­cally sourced.’ MTM

SNACK POT WIN­NER Egg And Spinach Pro­tein Pot, £1.50, Tesco

‘This is a source of good-qual­ity pro­tein from the free-range egg, plus fi­bre and fo­late from the spinach. Dream team.’ MTM

FLOUR WIN­NER Doves Farm Whole­meal Buck­wheat Flour, £3, Sains­bury’s

‘Buck­wheat is a fab wheat-free op­tion, and works bril­liantly in pan­cakes and bak­ing. This is a great choice for any­one fol­low­ing a FODMAP diet.’ LT

SWEET­ENER WIN­NER Biona Or­ganic Ap­ple Juice Con­cen­trate, £4.19, healthysup­plies.co.uk

‘Made from noth­ing but ap­ples, this is sur­pris­ingly sweet and a good nat­u­ral al­ter­na­tive to pro­cessed ta­ble su­gar.’ LT

GRAIN WIN­NER Sowan’s Nat­u­ral Buck­wheat, £2.59, Hol­land & Bar­rett

‘This nutty wheat­free grain is rich in mag­ne­sium, which is great for brain health. Add it to ev­ery­thing from por­ridge to soups, sauces and sal­ads.’ CS

POW­DER (SU­PER) WIN­NER Aduna Su­per-ca­cao Pre­mium Blend Ca­cao Pow­der, £5.99, Planet Or­ganic

‘This ca­cao pow­der is made from beans with high lev­els of fla­vanols, nat­u­rally oc­cur­ring plant chem­i­cals that have been shown to boost blood flow to the brain.’ LT

HIGHLY COM­MENDED Rude Health Or­ganic Sprouted Whole Buck­wheat Flour, £6.19, Hol­land & Bar­rett

HIGHLY COM­MENDED Tru­via, £5, Tesco

Waitrose Duchy Or­ganic Hou­mous, £1.65, Waitrose HIGHLY COM­MENDED

HIGHLY COM­MENDED Jake’s Boost Tiger Boost Snack Pot, £2.20, jakes­boost.com

HIGHLY COM­MENDED Raw Health Flax Pump­kin Crack­ers, £3.99, Ocado

IQ Su­per­food Choco­late Co­coa-nib Crunch, £1.99, Planet Or­ganic HIGHLY COM­MENDED


HIGHLY COM­MENDED Udo’s Choice Be­yond Greens, £23.99, Ocado

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