How do I tell my part­ner I’d love to squeeze their spots?

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Firstly, you rot­ter. Se­condly, you’re not alone. The pus­tas­tic Youtube videos of Dr San­dra Lee – aka Dr Pim­ple Pop­per – have been watched over 1.8 bil­lion times. Maybe wave one un­der your part­ner’s nose and gauge their re­ac­tion. Per­haps you could drop in a semi-sub­tle, ‘It is quite sat­is­fy­ing though, isn’t it?’ If they laugh and con­fess to a love of lanc­ing their own pus­tules, then you’re prob­a­bly safe to fess up. But if they look at you – and don’t be sur­prised if this is the case – with an ex­pres­sion of mild hor­ror, don’t go there. If that’s their level of re­vul­sion when pre­sented with the visuals of a spot-squeez­ing ses­sion on some­one else’s body, we can’t imag­ine that they’re go­ing to be cool with you go­ing in hard on them. From there, you’ve got a few op­tions: make time for reg­u­lar solo spot-squeez­ing view­ing, go sav­age on your own white­heads or fire up your Tinder pro­file once again for a more open-minded mate. Though don’t be sur­prised if go­ing pub­lic about your pim­ple fetish draws an in­ter­est­ing crowd.

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