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The box jump: nope, not the lat­est gym­nas­tics/box­ing hy­brid class (al­though, can some­one please in­vent that?) but a won­der move that pro­vides a ma­jor lower-body tone-up. It’s a ply­o­met­ric ex­er­cise, so it creates a short burst of force that will ac­ti­vate a load of mus­cles and burn plenty of calo­ries, too.

Your main re­cruits? The hips, thighs and glutes. ‘This pos­te­rior chain of mus­cles helps you ac­cel­er­ate up on to the box,’ ex­plains Monty Sim­mons, per­sonal trainer at Method Move­ment, Lon­don.

And if you’re en­gag­ing your core – which you should be – you can count your abs, too. ‘Pay at­ten­tion to the height of the box,’ says Sim­mons. The last thing that you want in pins-out weather is bruised shins, so start low. ‘Build your con­fi­dence slowly to nail the move with­out in­jury.’

Try jump­ing on to a sur­face that’s be­low your knees and build this one into your rou­tine early rather than at the end when your en­ergy is shot. Now, leap to it.


You’re preg­nant or have in­juries in your hips, lower back, knees or an­kles.

1 Start stand­ing in front of the box with your feet shoul­der­width apart En­gag­ing your core, push your bum out and lower into a squat 3 Swing­ing your arms for­ward for mo­men­tum, push through your feet to pro­pel your­self up on to the box 2 4 Bend your knees to land softly in a squat – don’t let them fall in­wards

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