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Is eat­ing what you like, when you like, re­ally a le­git healthy choice?


BE­COME A HUNGER DE­TEC­TIVE Be­fore and af­ter eat­ing, make a note of your hunger and full­ness lev­elon a scale of one to 10 (one = empty, 10 = stuffed). Ide­ally, you’ll start eat­ing at three and stop at seven.


AVOID DIS­TRAC­TIONS Com­bin­ing eat­ing with other ac­tiv­i­ties means you risk miss­ing the sub­tle sig­nals of full­ness, so make at least one meal a day dis­trac­tion-free. Food los­ing its taste or appeal is a re­li­able sign that you’ve had enough.


SLOW DOWN Shov­el­ling it down like you haven’t eaten for days is a sig­nal you’ve let your­self get too hun­gry. Put down your fork be­tween bites, chew your food and re­mem­ber to breathe.

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