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Nu­tri­tional gains? If your nose is perma-snotty or you’re try­ing to con­ceive, pay at­ten­tion. Se­le­nium boosts im­mune sys­tem func­tion and is a key player in egg for­ma­tion and fer­til­i­sa­tion. But 47% of women have in­takes be­low the LRNI, ac­cord­ing to the NDNS 2018. Poor show.

Where’s it at? Brazil nuts and eggs.

Dose? Women should aim for 0.06mg a day (0.075mg if you’re breast­feed­ing), which you’ll get by eat­ing three Brazil nuts a week (not per day, as many think), or in a daily mul­ti­min­eral. But beware: too much can lead to se­le­nium poi­son­ing, symp­toms of which in­clude hair loss and skin and nail dis­col­oration. No thanks.

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