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Spice up your sal­mon with chilli and sear in Pura Co­conut Blend Oil


250g cous­cous • 1 red onion, finely chopped • 4 tbsp Pura Liq­uid Co­conut Oil • 2 tbsp cider vine­gar • 2 toma­toes, chopped • 1 small bunch

fresh flat-leaf parsley, chopped • 1 small bunch fresh mint, chopped • 4 x 150g sal­mon fil­lets • 1 tsp cumin seeds • 1 red chilli, de­seeded and thinly sliced • Salt and freshly ground black pep­per METHOD

1. Rinse the cous­cous, then put it into a saucepan with a pinch of salt and dou­ble the vol­ume of wa­ter. Bring to the boil, then re­duce the heat and sim­mer for 5 or 6 mins. Cool for 10 mins.

2. While the cous­cous is cool­ing, mix the red onion with 2 tbsp Pura Co­conut Blend Oil and the vine­gar. Sea­son to taste.

3. Drain any liq­uid from the cous­cous and mix with the red onion, toma­toes, parsley and mint. Sea­son and mix gen­tly.

4. Heat 2 tbsp of Pura Liq­uid Co­conut Oil in a large fry­ing pan. Add the sal­mon and cook over a medium-high heat for 6 to 8 mins, turn­ing once, and adding the cumin seeds and chilli af­ter 4 or 5 mins.

5. Share the warm tab­bouleh be­tween four plates and ar­range the sal­mon on top, driz­zling the cooking juices over them.

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