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1. You’re stick­ing your bum in the air. You need to main­tain a straight back. If you’re do­ing the knees-down ver­sion, al­low your pelvis to drop for­ward with your knees.

2. Your shoul­ders aren’t di­rectly over your hands. This stops your wrists from be­ing at a 90° an­gle at the start of the move­ment, which can put you at risk of strain and in­jury.

3. You’ve not got your feet to­gether. Tak­ing a wide stance gives you more sta­bil­ity, which means your core, quads and glutes will work less hard.

4. Your el­bows are at 90° from your body. They should be tucked in – just wider than your armpits when you lower.

5. You’re lift­ing your head. This could hurt your neck. Stay neu­tral by fix­ing your gaze on the floor.

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