Mo­bil­i­sa­tion is key to max­imis­ing your progress. With­out it, you risk hit­ting the dreaded plateau or, worse, get­ting in­jured. Com­plete th­ese mo­bil­ity ex­er­cises ev­ery other day

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Do: 2 sets of 8-10 reps

(a) To get into po­si­tion, sit on the floor cross-legged, then place your front leg in front of you with the knee bent at 90°. Po­si­tion your back leg out to the side with the knee bent at 90°.

(b) From here, slowly lift both knees and ro­tate so that the soles of both feet are planted on the ground, be­fore drop­ping the knees down to the other side to cre­ate ex­actly the same po­si­tion in re­verse.


Do: 2 sets of 8-10 reps on each side (a) Com­ing into a down­ward dog po­si­tion, hook one foot be­hind the op­po­site an­kle, then use your arms to gen­tly push back into your stand­ing foot so you feel a stretch in the calf mus­cle and up into the ham­string. You should be ac­tively press­ing your armpits to­wards your knees so your back re­mains straight.

(b) Gen­tly rock back­wards and for­wards so that you ease on and off the stretch.



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