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Even after thou­sands of years of do­mes­ti­ca­tion and se­lec­tive breed­ing, do­mes­tic cats still share many fea­tures with their wild rel­a­tives that make them ef­fi­cient preda­tors and ex­pert ac­ro­bats

No nose is alike

Just like hu­mans, ev­ery cat has a unique print – theirs is in the pat­tern of bumps

on their noses.

Teeth for tear­ing

Adult cats have 30 teeth. As they’ve evolved to eat al­most noth­ing but meat, they lack spe­cialised grind­ing teeth.

Pre­ci­sion ear con­trol

Cats’ ears con­tain 32 mus­cles each and can be ro­tated 180 de­grees and moved


Pin­point hear­ing

Cats have an acute sense of hear­ing and can de­tect sounds at higher fre­quen­cies than dogs can hear.

See­ing in the dark

Cats have a wider field of view and much bet­ter night­time

vi­sion than us, but their day­time vi­sion is

weaker than ours.

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