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all grown up 7–12 months Un­neutered fe­male cats reach sex­ual ma­tu­rity at around six months, and males are able to breed from five months.

Get­ting se­ri­ous 7 months+ Adult cats play less than kit­tens, spending more of their time sleeping, clean­ing and ex­plor­ing. The many dif­fer­ent per­son­al­i­ties of cats are most ev­i­dent in adults. Hav­ing kit­tens 9 months+ Pregnancy lasts for nine to ten weeks. Lit­ters usu­ally con­sist of three to five kit­tens, but lit­ters of as many as 15 do oc­cur. slow­ing down 8 years+ After eight years cats are con­sid­ered ‘se­nior’. Like hu­mans they be­gin to ex­pe­ri­ence health prob­lems, and they will spend even more time sleeping.

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