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Wild­cats oc­cur in Europe, Africa and western and cen­tral Asia. There’s a large amount of vari­a­tion across their range, but all wild­cats share char­ac­ter­is­tics with do­mes­tic cats, which are de­rived from the African sub­species Felis sil­vestris ly­bica.

sand cat

This small cat is the only species able to sur­vive and live in true deserts. With lit­tle wa­ter to be found in the African and Asian deserts it calls home, the sand cat gets most of the mois­ture it re­quires from the prey it con­sumes, which is mainly ro­dents.

Jun­gle cat

The jun­gle cat, also known as the swamp cat, is the largest liv­ing species in the genus Felis. It oc­cu­pies sa­van­nah and for­est from Egypt all the way to China, where its strong claws al­low it to climb down trees as eas­ily as it climbs up them.

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