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World of Animals - - Poison Dart Frogs - Ba­tra­chotoxin

the toxin that oozes from the golden dart frogs is called ba­tra­chotoxin, from the Greek words for ‘frog’ and ‘toxin’. it is one of the most pow­er­ful al­ka­loid poi­sons known to man, mak­ing the golden dart frog the most poi­sonous of all dart frogs. Ba­tra­chotoxin is not re­leased in ag­gres­sion, but in re­sponse to pain, ag­i­ta­tion or the threat of a po­ten­tial preda­tor or over-cu­ri­ous an­i­mal or hu­man. ex­po­sure to this toxin will lead to death in less than ten min­utes and there is no known an­ti­dote.

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