The chem­istry of poi­son

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snakes, spi­ders and scor­pi­ons are well known for their highly dan­ger­ous venom and have fear­some rep­u­ta­tions to boot. Frogs are much less feared, but some can be far dead­lier. rather than hav­ing venom, poi­son dart frogs use toxic skin se­cre­tions as their weapon. how­ever, they only use the lethal sub­stances they se­crete in de­fence, rather than as a form of at­tack.

Kokoe poi­son dart frogs are lethal to the touch thanks

to their diet of in­ver­te­brates in

the wild

one golden poi­son frog has enough poi­son to kill ten adults.

Black widow

Golden poi­son frog

Em­peror scor­pion


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