Go crab­bing

Pro­vided you han­dle them gently and watch those pin­cers, crab­bing is a great way to meet the beach’s in­hab­i­tants

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Crab­bing is an ac­tiv­ity sure to keep par­ents and kids alike en­ter­tained. Crabs like to hide un­der seaweed and rocks, but they can be en­ticed out with food and a bit of pa­tience. Tie some raw fish, chicken or ba­con and a weight on the end of a piece of string and lower it to the bot­tom of a rock pool or the seabed next to a pier. Wrap the other end of the string loosely around your fin­ger and, when you feel a tug, gently lift the crab out of the wa­ter and catch it in a net. You can put a few crabs into a bucket full of wa­ter, peb­bles and seaweed for a closer look with­out the risk of them get­ting their pin­cers around lit­tle fin­gers, but be sure to care­fully re­lease them when you’re done.

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