Beaks at the beach

Here are three birds you may spot by the sea

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Black-legged kit­ti­wake

This pretty gull nests on cliffs around the UK, lay­ing its eggs in nests lined with seaweed and moss. Un­like some other gulls, kit­ti­wakes don’t scav­enge – they get all their food by fishing.

Ringed plover

Squat and short-legged, the plover looks a lit­tle out of place among the taller wad­ing birds, but it scur­ries around for­ag­ing for in­sects, worms, crus­taceans and mol­luscs re­gard­less.


Us­ing its long legs and beak, the oys­ter­catcher searches for shell­fish. This wader has started to move in­land too and can eas­ily be lo­cated by its loud, high-pitched pip­ing call.

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