Sunny stick in­sect

The spiny is­land stick

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Both sexes of this species tend to be brown with striped mark­ings, but the fe­males show more con­trast in colour. They’re cov­ered in short spines, which might help to de­ter preda­tors lurk­ing on the is­lands of the Philip­pines.

Sunny stick in­sects lack wings, but they can em­ploy a cou­ple of the­atri­cal de­fence meth­ods if they feel threat­ened. A com­mon trick among stick in­sects in­volves the crea­tures sway­ing as they walk to mimic leaves be­ing blown by a breeze, but things step up a gear if that doesn’t work. Sud­denly tuck­ing its legs in and go­ing rigid, a walk­ing stick will drop to the floor and feign death in the hope that what­ever has fright­ened it will lose in­ter­est and go away.

Fe­male coloura­tion is highly vari­able, with some just cov­ered in patches of dif­fer­ent browns and others show­ing the eye-catch­ing white stripe along their bod­ies.

sunny stick in­sect

Sun­gaya in­ex­pec­tata

class In­secta

ter­ri­tory Philip­pines Diet Trop­i­cal leaves life­span 18 months

adult weight 5g (0.2oz) con­ser­va­tion sta­tus

not eVaL­U­ateD

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