Jun­gle nymph

The heavy­weight cham­pion

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Some stick in­sects are slen­der and del­i­cate, but fe­male jun­gle nymphs are bulky crea­tures. They’re the heav­i­est mem­bers of the or­der; these bright green beasts dwarf the males, which are less than half the size.

Males have large wings ca­pa­ble of flight, but the fe­males have short wings that sim­ply can’t sup­port their huge bod­ies. Not be­ing able to take to the air doesn’t leave the fe­males de­fence­less in the face of dan­ger though; they have spines on their back legs that can punc­ture skin when the ar­moured limbs are snapped to­gether. A rustling sound from the wings gives an at­tacker fair warn­ing of what’s in store, and an an­i­mal that’s ex­pe­ri­enced the spiky at­tack is un­likely to ig­nore the sounds a se­cond time.

Both male and fe­male jun­gle nymphs have spines on their legs, but those on the fe­male’s hind limbs are much sharper and eas­ily draw blood.

Jun­Gle nyMph

Heteropteryx di­latata

class In­secta

ter­ri­tory Malaysia

Diet Trop­i­cal leaves

life­span Up to 2 years

adult weight Fe­males 65g


con­ser­va­tion sta­tus

not eVaL­U­ateD

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