5. They can sprint up a tree ver­ti­cally and jump three me­tres (9.8 feet) in a sin­gle leap

World of Animals - - 10 Reasons We’re Nutty About Squirrels -

Squir­rels are in­cred­i­bly ag­ile, and their light body weight and small size make them ex­perts at nav­i­gat­ing the forests. They are ex­tremely fast and can sprint ver­ti­cally up a tree at up to 19 kilo­me­tres (11.8 miles) per hour but can reach 32 kilo­me­tres (19.9 miles) per hour on flat ground.

They have ex­tremely small, sharp claws that can grip onto al­most any sur­face, al­low­ing the squir­rels to hang up­side down and in the most pre­car­i­ous of places. But it’s their re­versible hind paws that make these ro­dents so ver­sa­tile – they can twist their feet for­wards or back­wards, al­low­ing them to grip and run down a tree head­first as fast as they can run up it.

Not only can they run fast, but they also per­form aerial ac­ro­bat­ics. Squir­rels can jump ver­ti­cally over 1.5 me­tres (4.9 feet) and can leap be­tween ob­jects that are over three me­tres (9.8 feet) apart. That is equiv­a­lent to a hu­man leap­ing over a bus and jump­ing from a five-story build­ing.

While a squir­rel’s frontpaws fea­ture four toes, its hind paws areequipped with five

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