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No one yet knows why these ma­rine leviathans launch them­selves from the sea

World of Animals - - Defying Gravity -

Some of the big­gest an­i­mals that have ever ex­isted are ca­pa­ble of seem­ingly im­pos­si­ble leaps. A hump­back whale can be as long as 19 me­tres (62.3 feet) and weigh 40 tons, and yet it can breach clean out of the wa­ter.

The whale can swim ver­ti­cally up­wards at 25 kilo­me­tres (15.5 miles) per hour to burst into the air. Al­ter­na­tively, it can swim par­al­lel to the sur­face then wrench it­self up­wards at speed. As few as three tail strokes are enough to achieve a breach with this method. The func­tion of this awe-in­spir­ing be­hav­iour is yet to be ex­plained by science. The deaf­en­ing splash pro­duced may help the an­i­mals com­mu­ni­cate, or it could sim­ply be as fun as it looks.

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