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This month, as au­tumn ap­proaches, we’re go­ing nuts about squir­rels with ten rea­sons why we love these bushy-tailed ro­dents. Did you know that squir­rels can sniff out food buried 0.3 me­tres un­der snow, or that fly­ing squir­rels can glide 45 me­tres through the air?

They’re not the only fly­ing won­ders though. This is­sue, dis­cover the species that defy grav­ity, from Anna’s hum­ming­bird, which can travel 385 body lengths in a sin­gle se­cond, to geck­oes whose feet act like anti-grav­ity boots.

Also in­side, un­cover the leg­end of the spirit bear, join the bat­tle to save pan­golins, and read the ul­ti­mate guide to al­ter­na­tive sa­faris. En­joy the is­sue!

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