Do­mes­ti­cated camelids

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Vicuña are a species of camelid found across much of the An­des. They used to be con­sid­ered a true wild species, how­ever, re­cent DNA anal­y­sis has in­di­cated that vicuñas are in fact prob­a­bly the wild de­scen­dants of do­mes­ti­cated al­pacas.


Used as pack an­i­mals across much of the An­des, lla­mas are do­mes­ti­cated camelids de­scended from gua­na­cos. They are the largest of the An­dean camelids and have suc­cess­fully been used as guard an­i­mals to pro­tect other live­stock.


Of­ten con­fused with lla­mas, the smaller al­paca is bred for their wool, which is used to make a wide range of prod­ucts, such as pon­chos, blan­kets, jumpers and hats. Their highly prized wool is very warm, hy­poal­ler­genic and flame-re­sis­tant.

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