Won­der with wild cats

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It’s easy to dis­miss these furry fe­lines as a com­mon do­mes­tic cat. How­ever, these wild cats have a long, thick coat and com­par­a­tively flat face. Due to their tabby-like colour­ing, wild­cats are well-cam­ou­flaged against a wooded back­drop. They are usu­ally noc­tur­nal hunters, catch­ing small prey such as ro­dents, birds and frogs. How­ever, they have been known to feed on larger an­i­mals like young deer and rabbits.

As very ter­ri­to­rial an­i­mals, wild­cats will de­fend their home range and use scent as their pri­mary method of com­mu­ni­ca­tion to mark their bound­aries. Like many other mam­mal preda­tors, these fe­lines raise their young in dens with rocky out­crops or re­use aban­doned fox or bad­ger dens.

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