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Carolina anole

This ar­bo­real lizard is na­tive to the US. Com­monly known as the Amer­i­can chameleon, Ano­lis car­o­li­nen­sis can change colour from brown to bright green and, like the Iguanidae fam­ily, it has a dewlap that it uses to at­tract a mate.

veiled chameleon

Na­tive to Ye­men and Saudi Ara­bia, this rep­tile is of­ten called the cone-head chameleon ow­ing to a casque on its head that grows with age. Coloura­tion can be af­fected by an an­i­mal’s so­cial sta­tus, with lowly mem­bers sport­ing duller hues.

Plumed basilisk

The plumed basilisk (Basilis­cus plumifrons) is very ter­ri­to­rial, and a sin­gle male can de­fend land con­tain­ing large num­bers of fe­male mates. It is known for its abil­ity to run short dis­tances across wa­ter, giv­ing it the nick­name the ‘Je­sus Christ lizard’.

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