Guardians Of The Gal­axy gets the episodic Tell­tale treat­ment with an all-new story

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The mighty Mar­vel train is pick­ing up speed – af­ter com­pletely dom­i­nat­ing cin­ema screens over the last few years they’re now shift­ing more of their fo­cus to the videogame world.

Thank­fully it’s not just lack­lus­tre movie tie-ins put to­gether on a shoe­string bud­get with no time any more. In­stead, we’re be­ing treated to more be­spoke games, which com­bine fa­mil­iar faces with en­tirely new sto­ries that you won’t see in cine­mas. Step in Guardians Of The Gal­axy and episodic story mae­stro Tell­tale for a five-part ad­ven­ture fea­tur­ing our favourite talk­ing racoon and gen­tle tree.

While the story will be fol­low­ing Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket, and Groot (played by Scott Porter, Emily O’Brien, Bran­don Paul Eells, Nolan North and Adam Har­ring­ton re­spec­tively), it’s a com­pletely orig­i­nal take and won’t tie in to the films. This is what we know so far: af­ter tak­ing part in a huge bat­tle the team dis­cover an ‘arte­fact of un­speak­able power’ that all of them want for their own rea­sons. Ex­cept some­one else is af­ter it too – a pow­er­ful en­emy who is the last of her kind and will stop at noth­ing to get her hands on it.

The main fo­cus of the ad­ven­ture will be on the char­ac­ters them­selves and their mo­ti­va­tions rather than the ac­tion that sur­rounds them, so ex­pect plenty of ag­o­nis­ing de­ci­sions for all of them. Will they all get along or be pushed to break­ing point? As the Guardians fran­chise is known for its light­hearted hu­mour, it hope­fully won’t be as bleak as the likes of The Walk­ing Dead and the gor­geously gritty The Wolf Among Us.


Tell­tale has done the whole su­per­hero story be­fore with their take on Bat­man last year, but that fo­cused more on just his char­ac­ter and the devel­op­ment of the vil­lains around him. Since Guardians Of The Gal­axy is such a strong en­sem­ble cast it’ll no doubt feel very dif­fer­ent, and so far there’s been no sign of whose shoes we’ll be step­ping into. Per­haps each char­ac­ter will get their own chap­ter – hav­ing five heroes and five episodes is very con­ve­nient.

Of course be­ing from the Mar­vel uni­verse there will be lots of touches for fans to en­joy and the scrappy bunch’s sci-fi ad­ven­ture will take part across sev­eral fa­mous lo­ca­tions in­clud­ing Earth, Knowhere and, of course, their ship the Mi­lano. Hope­fully we’ll also get to see other fa­mous faces such as Yondu and his whis­tle-con­trolled ar­row, or the men­ac­ing Col­lec­tor. With such a huge, well-es­tab­lished uni­verse to ex­plore and Tell­tale’s writ­ing chops locked in, no mat­ter what is in­volved you know you’ll be in for a fun time.

The first episode of Guardians Of The

Gal­axy will be out later this year as well as the sec­ond movie

Above Star-Lord is cool, we guess, but we re­ally want to see more Groot!

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