Grow your own mon­sters for bat­tle in the strangely cute Ooblets

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Fans of Stardew Val­ley will want to keep a plot open for this charm­ing mon­ster­farm­ing game com­ing to Xbox One in 2018. This Poké­mon- es­que de­light is still early in devel­op­ment but al­ready looks like it’ll be an in­die hit. With its goofy danc­ing and quirky art style, it’s al­ready at­tracted a lot of love on­line, and the sup­port of Dou­ble Fine.

You’ll be in charge of your own lit­tle house and farm in the world of Oob. Here, you’ll get to grow, bat­tle and be­friend a gag­gle of Ooblets that fol­low you around on your ad­ven­tures. From smi­ley-faced mush­rooms with stubby arms (it’s cute, not weird!) to birds in straw hats and even brain-slime things with long, gan­gly legs, all of the Ooblets shown so far are ut­terly adorable. They’re so sweet it’s im­pos­si­ble to de­cide which one to pet first.

But it’s not all about snug­gling. There’s also a strong tac­ti­cal el­e­ment in­volved as you’ll be able to form teams of your pre­cious lit­tle dar­lings and get into scrapes with mon­ster typ­ing and spe­cial­ties be­ing key to vic­tory. Some Ooblets fo­cus on at­tacks while oth­ers can heal or buff their friends. With clubs to join and plenty of peo­ple to talk to, Ooblets is al­ready over­flow­ing with po­ten­tial. We can’t wait to see more.

You can start har­vest­ing your own cute Ooblets in 2018, but we’ll take a closer look in our next is­sue

be­low Sweet lit­tle Ooblets as far as the eye can see, please, oh, please is there an Ooblet for me?

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