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The se­quel to su­per­hero brawler In­jus­tice: Gods Among Us sports an im­pres­sive cast of DC Comics’ daysavers and evil-do­ers, from iconic char­ac­ters, such as Su­per­man, to cult-fa­vorites like Dr. Fate.

Along­side a ros­ter that could make Mar­vel’s Might­i­est Heroes soil their span­dex, In­jus­tice 2 of­fers play­ers ad­di­tional va­ri­ety via a highly cus­tomis­able gear sys­tem. Ac­cord­ing to NetherRealm’s se­nior mar­ket­ing game man­ager, Brian Good­man, “Our goal is, af­ter ev­ery­one has put a few hours into this game, they’re go­ing to go on­line and never see two of the same char­ac­ters look any­thing alike.”

Fea­tur­ing thou­sands of pieces of gear per avatar, the RPG-flavoured sys­tem is bro­ken into five sep­a­rate slots – head, torso, arms, legs and ac­ces­sory. The lat­ter cat­e­gory is es­pe­cially cool, as it’s oc­cu­pied by a char­ac­ter’s sig­na­ture item, prop, or weapon. Dur­ing our deep dive into the sys­tem, we watched Good­man use this slot to show­case nearly 20 dif­fer­ent clubs Swamp Thing can wal­lop op­po­nents with. Im­pres­sively, each of the bone-crush­ing bats looks unique, from the Lethal Gnarled Root to the Mighty Slime-Coated Cudgel.

Ac­tion your fash­ion

None of Swamp Thing’s weapons will per­form ex­actly the same way when they con­nect with your cra­nium. Each of the five cus­tomi­sa­tion slots are gov­erned by four base stats – strength, abil­ity, de­fence and health – so ev­ery piece of equipped gear af­fects how your hero func­tions when the fists and feet start fly­ing. Aug­ments, which come at­tached to cer­tain pieces of gear, add an­other strate­gic layer; Su­per­man’s Ex­cep­tional Body Ar­mour, for ex­am­ple, is en­hanced by its abil­ity to take less dam­age from en­vi­ron­men­tal ob­jects.

Those look­ing to crank the cus­tomi­sa­tion to the next level will want to fo­cus on com­plet­ing gear sets, “two or more pieces of gear work­ing to­gether to give you even more en­hance­ments,” as Good­man ex­plained. Col­lect Bat­man’s en­tire Kryp­tonite-in­fused en­sem­ble, and you’ll not only make the Man of Steel quake in his red boots, but also re­ceive in­creased range for the Caped Cru­sader’s Bat Swarm skill.

If look­ing bet­ter than your op­po­nents is also im­por­tant, you can feed your pas­sion for su­per­hero fash­ion with gear shaders. Count­less colour com­bos al­low users to pick out, say, the slick­est util­ity belt for Bat­man, or en­sure Har­ley Quinn’s pink guns com­ple­ment her grenades.

Whether you’re in it for the cos­metic per­son­al­i­sa­tion or the abil­ity to build a bet­ter su­per­hero or vil­lain, In­jus­tice 2 prom­ises you’ll never have to set­tle for span­dex again.

“There are nearly 20 clubs Swamp Thing can wal­lop op­po­nents with”

Above Thanks for the third-de­gree burns...

be­low Cred­its earned in-game can also be in­vested in cus­tomis­ing your ul­ti­mate su­per­hero or sin­is­ter vil­lain.

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