dis­hon­ored: death of the out­sider

Arkane’s stand­alone spin-off is ready to lethally Lurk in the shad­ows

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Arkhane re­ally likes to em­brace the Dark Side when it comes to ex­pan­sion episodes. In Knife Of Dun­wall you played the ruth­lessly cal­cu­lat­ing Daud, an all-round slaugh­ter­ing swine. In this com­pan­ion piece to Corvo’s bru­tal se­quel, you take con­trol of the afore­men­tioned Em­presss­layer’s sec­ond-in-com­mand, Bil­lie Lurk. And here we were think­ing the Prey de­vel­oper would let us play as a jolly, Blink­ing baker.

Dis­hon­ored: Death Of The Out­sider is a stand­alone ad­ven­ture, so you don’t need to own Dis­hon­ored 2 to en­joy its se­duc­tively stabby charms. Set sev­eral months af­ter At­tano and Emily Kald­win’s venge­ful tale, it sees Ms Lurk re­turn to the series to help

“It gives Lurk a chance to shine in the so­cio­pathic spot­light”

Daud bump off, yep, the Out­sider. Pre­vi­ously, the su­per­nat­u­ral guide has al­ways been a morally am­bigu­ous fig­ure, but now the tele­port­ing trick­ster is your main tar­get.

Kill Bil­lie

The up­com­ing ex­pan­sion gives Lurk a chance to shine in the so­cio­pathic spot­light like never be­fore. Last time out the badass con­tract killer was hid­ing in plain sight un­der the as­sumed iden­tity of Dis­hon­ored 2’ s Mea­gan Fos­ter, the stoic cap­tain who fer­ried you be­tween the Dread­ful Whale ship and the city of Kar­naca. Now though, she’s the as­sas­si­nat­ing star, and Arkane prom­ises she’s pack­ing all-new pow­ers.

In the orig­i­nal Dis­hon­ored’s DLC chap­ters, Bil­lie could be seen us­ing the Thorns abil­ity – shad­owy wrist darts – and Corvo’s Bend Time power, so don’t be too sur­prised if th­ese para­nor­mal party tricks re­turn. If you’re pin­ing af­ter Emily’s Domino or Baf­fling Shade abil­i­ties, fret not: thanks to an Orig­i­nal Game Plus mode, you can choose to go through the whole game us­ing Dis­hon­ored 2’ s pow­ers.

All th­ese lethal moves should come into their own as you square off against the Sis­ters of the Orac­u­lar Order, Clock­work Sol­diers and a cult that’s ob­sessed with the Out­sider, known as the Eye­less gang. As for the mis­sions you’ll un­der­take, Arkane says Lurk will stage a bank heist, and in­fil­trate un­der­ground fight net­works. If the stu­dio sees fit to squeeze in a sec­tion where Bil­lie gets her hands on the Void Timepiece – last seen in Dis­hon­ored 2’ s won­der­ful A Crack In The Slab mis­sion – we may squeal.

Even if the re­al­ity-rip­ping toy doesn’t re­turn, Death Of The Out­sider looks set to de­liver all sorts of mur­der­ous high­lights. Aside from com­plet­ing main story mis­sions as you prowl the seedy streets of Kar­naka, you can also take on Con­tracts (a set of mur­der­ous sid­e­quests) to kill time. If this spin-off is even half as mem­o­rable as its par­ent game, you’re in for one hell of a homi­ci­dal treat.

ABOVE Bil­lie is again voiced by Rosario Daw­son. Let’s hope she gets more lines than in Dis­hon­ored 2.

Belo w The de­but E3 trailer fo­cused on Lurk break­ing Daud out of a shad­owy asy­lum.

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