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Will the game be as brain-dead as its en­e­mies?

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Pub­lisheR Kon­ami De­vel­oper Kon­ami For­mat Xbox One ETA 2018 The Metal Gear series has al­ways been a strange beast, with its in­fi­nite lay­ers of con­spir­acy the­o­ries, im­pos­si­bly dan­ger­ous war ma­chines and love of odd me­chan­ics like be­ing able to ex­tract a zoo’s worth of an­i­mals with a Ful­ton bal­loon while in the field. The lat­est ti­tle, Sur­vive, feels like the strangest yet sim­ply by virtue of how nor­mal it is by com­par­i­son. Gone are the weirdly long yet mov­ing lad­der­climb­ing se­quences and over the top per­for­mances; in­stead the series has been left with a fairly generic-look­ing zombie shooter.

Okay, maybe it is a lit­tle odd. Sur­vive is set in a par­al­lel di­men­sion to MGSV full of worm­holes, and they’re not tech­ni­cally zom­bies, they’re ‘wan­der­ers’ with giant gem-things for heads, but at its core it’s a very straight­for­ward game. It’s es­sen­tially a co-op shooter – you and three friends fight against waves of notquite-zom­bies to com­plete ob­jec­tives and maybe find a way back to your nor­mal di­men­sion. There is some strat­egy in­volved – in a demo we had to sneak into an out­post and in­stal a gen­er­a­tor that then needed to be de­fended. You could set up traps or block­ades to slow down the zom­bies to stop them from over­whelm­ing you all at once, but mostly it’s about blast­ing holes in them.

Rough di­a­monds

It’s all be­ing built with the same en­gine used to make The Phantom Pain so it still looks like a Metal Gear game, but at the mo­ment it feels weird – in­stead of sneak­ing past guards with smart AI all you’ll find is a rab­ble of un­e­d­u­cated zom­bies, so it doesn’t feel very nu­anced. They also don’t ever seem to stop run­ning to­wards you when you’re fight­ing, mak­ing you all too aware of how lit­tle ammo you have left. Thank­fully there is a craft­ing me­chanic buried among ev­ery­thing else so if you’ve got a dis­tinct lack of bul­lets to shoot wan­der­ers down with then you can al­ways whip up a few more.

You’ll have to scout over the en­tire map to find scraps and then bring them over to a craft­ing bench, and we haven’t quite seen enough yet to know just how dis­rup­tive this might when you’re busy fend­ing off on­rush­ing crys­tal-heads with a measly pis­tol. There is some prep time be­fore things kick off prop­erly so maybe it’s all meant to be done then, but things don’t al­ways work so neatly in a zombie apoca­lypse.

De­spite how plain it is, it does ap­pear to be hold­ing up just fine as a game at demo stage, though with no sign of a story yet it’s hard to tell if it will have any kind of longevity. Just make sure you go in know­ing not to ex­pect some­thing as fan­tas­ti­cal as the rest of the series.

“If you’ve got a lack of bul­lets you can al­ways whip up a few more”

Above At least Ful­ton bal­loons are still a thing in this di­men­sion.

be­low You can use melee weapons as well as ranged ones if you choose to.

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