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Come fly with me. Come drive with me. Come… boat with me?

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We never thought we’d see a se­quel to Ivory Tower’s ever-so-slightly for­get­table ar­cade racer from 2014, much less find our­selves ac­tu­ally ex­cited for one. But here we are in 2017, ea­gerly await­ing another round of open-world, co-op-friendly ve­hic­u­lar may­hem.

Rather than set­tling for a sec­ond out­ing that sim­ply riffs on the RPG-lite fea­tures that were both a help and a hin­drance to the orig­i­nal, The Crew 2 screeches onto Xbox One with an over­haul that places the onus firmly on hav­ing fun be­hind the wheel rather than pur­su­ing the holy grail of re­al­is­tic sim­u­la­tion. Sim­ply driv­ing isn’t enough for Ubisoft’s lat­est fran­chise – oh no, this time you can roam an open-USA in cars, planes and boats.

Don’t need roads

The Crew 2 has clearly taken a few frosted leaves out of Steep’s play­book with the de­ci­sion to ex­pand its ve­hic­u­lar rac­ing to the sky and the waves. One sec­ond you’re driv­ing around a night-time street in free roam, then one se­lect of a ra­dial wheel later and you’re in­stantly soar­ing into the skies in a plane. See a nearby river or stretch of water? Fly over and just as quick you’ll trans­form into a boat and start carv­ing through surf like a wa­tery vir­tual cheeseknife.

It’s an in­cred­i­bly per­mis­sive feeling, and much like Ubisoft An­necy’s un­der­rated snow­board­ing sim, Steep, The Crew 2’ s sand­box (fea­tur­ing another trun­cated take on the United States) has been built to fa­cil­i­tate that sense of cre­ative driv­ing with short­cuts ga­lore – in­clud­ing plenty of rooftop paths when you’re cruis­ing through the city.

Races and chal­lenges, the bread and but­ter of the orig­i­nal, re­turn with myr­iad shift­ing from one ve­hi­cle type to another as you zoom from lo­cale to lo­cale. Our hands-on with the game sees us tear­ing up the tar­mac in a sports car, only to switch to a stunt plane as the screen seam­lessly tran­si­tions – with the world fold­ing in on it­self, In­cep­tion- style – from road, to sky to water. It makes races feel cre­ative and unique be­yond the aes­thetic of its multi-state US set­ting. Even the races that don’t fea­ture ve­hi­cle-shift­ing of­fer some­thing to keep you keen, such as off-road races that hur­tle you through check­points across fauna-cov­ered hills.

It’s clear Ivory Tower wants to keep ‘fun’ at the fore­front of its lat­est open-world racer, so even the re­turn of the ar­cadey (if far from nu­anced) driv­ing model doesn’t curb our petrol-headed en­thu­si­asm for the re­turn of Ubisoft’s car, plane and boat ex­trav­a­ganza.

“Sim­ply driv­ing isn’t enough for Ubisoft’s lat­est fran­chise”

Main With a de­tailed hori­zon stretched out be­fore you, The Crew 2’ s planes of­fer the best way to ex­plore.

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