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“If you want to be ex­plod­ing ev­ery­thing with one punch, you have a way to do that”

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Khopesh This curved sword is just one of six weapon types. Ex­pect reg­u­lar swords, sickle swords, dual blades, heavy clubs, heavy blades, scep­tres and spears. Hid­den blade You can craft dif­fer­ent hid­den blades, and each one will have at­tributes and dam­age statis­tics. This is im­por­tant – if its stats are high enough, you’ll be able to silently kill higher-level en­e­mies. Shield De­fend­ing from arrows (and in­com­ing at­tacks) will be a lit­tle eas­ier now that you carry a shield. Block an at­tack at the per­fect time with this and you’ll open your op­po­nent up for a coun­ter­at­tack. Hood We aren’t to­tally sure why

AC fans are so keen to have a re­mov­able hood, but in Ori­gins you can take it off in the Gear menu. Dif­fer­ent out­fits will give Bayek dif­fer­ent abil­i­ties, too… Bow Mul­ti­ple bow types are avail­able, in­clud­ing those ded­i­cated to stealth, long-range shoot­ing, and pure dam­age. The war­rior bow fires five arrows at once in a wide spread.

does not go be­yond, and the up­grade cost is quite ex­pen­sive. But we’re more in favour of, and giv­ing more value to, hav­ing play­ers go to look for new weapons. So the cost is higher, but it is a valid way for play­ers to play.”

We can see you rolling your eyes, dear reader. We know what you’re think­ing. 150 dif­fer­ent types of sword does not make this a deep RPG sys­tem. Well roll those eyes back again and then widen them in sur­prise, be­cause there are six dif­fer­ent weapon styles, and each one presents a to­tally dif­fer­ent way to fight. Longer spears al­low for sweep­ing move­ments that may dam­age sev­eral en­e­mies at once. Forego a shield and you can dual-wield a sword and dag­ger for fast at­tacks. Grab a huge bat­tle axe and you’ll do mas­sive dam­age, but will move slower and be open to at­tacks. All of a sud­den, choos­ing the right load­out, the right com­bi­na­tion of weapons, be­comes in­cred­i­bly im­por­tant.

Then there’s the hit-box-based com­bat, which Ismail ex­plains more about above. Es­sen­tially, it means you need to think more tac­ti­cally about how you at­tack.

But that’s not all: “We also have an adren­a­line sys­tem – you have var­i­ous ways to build adren­a­line, and each weapon works dif­fer­ently,” ex­plains Ismail. “That’s another layer we want play­ers to think about – maybe you’re build­ing adren­a­line with one weapon that’s very ef­fi­cient at do­ing it, then switch­ing to another one to un­leash the adren­a­line, which ei­ther does a big at­tack, or starts a time-based fury mode, where you’re just un­leash­ing crazy dam­age for a few sec­onds.” That’s no tree… Of course, this is as­sum­ing that you want to get into a fight in the first place – some play­ers pre­fer all stealth. Ismail as­sures us that Ori­gins is de­signed to cater for all playstyles. Af­ter look­ing at data on how peo­ple liked to play AC, it be­came clear that fo­cus­ing on stealth and ig­nor­ing com­bat, or vice versa, would be a mis­take. So in Ori­gins, you can do it all.

“We asked our­selves ‘can we al­low play­ers to ded­i­cate them­selves to a style more specif­i­cally?’ Th­ese things led us to the abil­ity sys­tem we have. We don’t even call it a tree – it’s a graph.”

We’re not sure about that – our old maths teacher would prob­a­bly have a fit if she saw us de­scrib­ing any­thing that in­cluded the abil­ity ‘Py­ro­ma­niac’ as a graph – but what­ever. What it means is that you can push your ver­sion of Bayek in any di­rec­tion you like.

In the demo we played, Bayek was un­able to silently as­sas­si­nate a char­ac­ter that was a higher level than him – he would just do some stealth dam­age, then launch into a fight with his tar­get. We asked Ismail whether this could be over­come us­ing skills, too. “You have to get the abil­i­ties, and you have to craft hid­den blades, which will in­crease your stealth dam­age,” he says af­ter a mo­ment’s pause. “So there are ways, and yes, you can tech­ni­cally not be at the max level – which is 40, that’s the cap – you could be level 20 in a level 30 area one-shot­ting ev­ery­thing. You can do it, but it’s not easy.”

But the abil­i­ties can take you far be­yond that. In fact, if you play for long enough and plough enough points into your skills, al­most any­thing is pos­si­ble. “The idea is that if you want to be ex­plod­ing ev­ery­thing with one punch, you have a way to do that,” laughs Ismail. “You’ll have to ded­i­cate your­self for a while, but you can do that, it’s not a prob­lem.” We aren’t sure if he means this lit­er­ally, but we’d pay good money to see Bayek punch a hippo so hard it ex­plodes.

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