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At E3 it was con­firmed that the whole map will be open from the start. If you want to ex­plore, you can. Around the huge world (which is close to the size of Black­Flag’s, but less wet) you’ll find NPCs do­ing their thing, cities to ex­plore and an­i­mals to hunt – and there are chal­lenges ev­ery­where:

“You won’t be able to skip the story, but there are a bunch of op­tional bosses in the world, who, as soon as you start the game, are live in the world, do­ing their thing,” says Ismail. “Tech­ni­cally at level 1 you can go and fight them, but you’re not fin­ish­ing the main story. You still need to go through the main quest line to fight the fi­nal boss.”

Ex­plor­ing Egypt is sure to be a joy, too, es­pe­cially on the Xbox One X. In our hands-on, the draw dis­tance and the per­for­mance blew us away. It was silky smooth through­out.

“When we re­ceived the kits we got the game on the con­sole su­per quick. Very quickly we were see­ing our game in 4K,” says Ismail. “I’m so proud of our en­gi­neers and our artists, who have done mir­a­cles to bring this world to life, and on the Xbox One X it looks stun­ning. I love that we can see th­ese mas­sive draw dis­tances, th­ese thick clouds in the sky, the sun beam­ing off the water.”

There were still is­sues with our hands-on ses­sion, in­clud­ing janky tra­ver­sal at times, but there’s still time to fix it (or not –this is

af­ter all). Whether or not this will be a re­birth for the series re­mains to be seen, but we’re look­ing for­ward to find­ing out. We say as much to Ismail be­fore sign­ing off, and he seems equally as ex­cited about the launch. “We’ve been on this for a while now so it’s ex­cit­ing that we can fi­nally talk about it!” he laughs. “It’s been a long time since Black­Flag so I’m ex­cited to ship a game!”

1 Water works You can dive un­der­wa­ter to find trea­sure, or stealth­ily ap­proach ar­eas un­seen. Th­ese guys clearly failed their 50m swim­ming badge. 2 Ea­gle Vi­sion Un­like pre­vi­ous games, Bayek’s Ea­gle Vi­sion comes in the form of an ac­tual ea­gle, called Senu. He can fly and hover over ar­eas to scout them out and tag en­e­mies from above. 3 fast travel Horses and camels will be your pri­mary ways to travel, but if you can de­feat the archers con­trol­ling them, Bayek can also com­man­deer a char­iot to ride around on. Fu­tur­is­tic! 4 good night You can change the time of the day with a but­ton press. Guards may fall asleep dur­ing the night mak­ing an out­post eas­ier to beat, but don’t let your guard down or you may get jumped by ban­dits.

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