HOW TO be­come a youtube star

Do you dream of be­ing the YouTube sen­sa­tion of to­mor­row? Well, ev­ery­body has to start some­where. We break down the ba­sics

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So, you want to be­come a YouTube sen­sa­tion? Of course you do! The fame, the cars, the free stuff and the scan­dals – af­ter all, that’s the dream, isn’t it? Trust us, it is; and if you stick with us you’ll go far, kid.

So what does it take to go from merely play­ing videogames in your bed­room to play­ing them at a fancier desk for an au­di­ence of mil­lions? It’s ac­tu­ally pretty easy to get started, but the true path to dig­i­tal dom­i­na­tion is paved with good in­ten­tions and a lot of hard work. You need to find your niche, then you’ve gotta find your voice, and then you need to start pro­duc­ing that de­li­cious, click­bait­ing con­tent. With so many peo­ple out there try­ing to repli­cate their favourite in­flu­encers (that’s what they’re called in the in­dus­try now – don’t ask) it’s go­ing to take some­thing fresh to cut through the noise. But you know what? We be­lieve in you. That all said, ev­ery­body has to start some­where, and you’ll want to make sure you have these bases cov­ered be­fore you do any­thing else.

01 Know your niche

If you want any chance of find­ing suc­cess on YouTube you are go­ing to need a strong sense of the kind of con­tent that you want to pro­duce. The best chan­nels are the ones with fo­cus: are you in­cred­i­ble at FPS games and want to share that knowl­edge, or do you fancy your­self a co­me­dian talk­ing over game­play videos? Build your niche around the con­tent you feel the most com­fort­able cre­at­ing.

02 Use a mi­cro­phone

Hav­ing de­cent equip­ment won’t hurt your chances of build­ing an au­di­ence. If cash flow is tight, we rec­om­mend get­ting hold of a mi­cro­phone that will bring ver­sa­til­ity to your port­fo­lio, such as the Tur­tle Beach Stream Mic. Not only is it great for record­ing au­dio over video at the edit­ing stage, but it’ll also give you the op­tion of run­ning high qual­ity live streams di­rectly from your Xbox One over Twitch and Mixer.

03 Get a camera

If you want to peo­ple to idolise you on YouTube you’ll need to put a face to the voice. Kinect will get the job done if you’re look­ing to record and mix all of your clips on the Xbox One it­self, but if you plan on edit­ing your clips in a video ed­i­tor on your PC or Mac be­fore putting them live (highly rec­om­mended) get a Log­itech C922 Pro Stream we­b­cam – pro­fes­sional grade qual­ity at a rel­a­tively af­ford­able price.

04 Record your game­play

Hit the Xbox but­ton and fol­low it with a quick tap of the X but­ton while in-game and the Xbox One will au­to­mat­i­cally record the last 30 sec­onds of game­play. For a more ver­sa­tile se­lec­tion of game­play to draw from for your videos tap the View but­ton and you can record up to the last five min­utes, or start record­ing your game go­ing for­ward. Fail­ing that, invest in an El­gato HD60 cap­ture kit for more ver­sa­til­ity.

05 Edit­ing clips

While you can edit clips to­gether – adding video and voiceovers – on your Xbox One from the GameDVR app, the op­tions are limited. In­stead, you’ll want to con­sider load­ing your clips into OneDrive and ex­port­ing them to your PC or Mac. Free edit­ing soft­ware such as Win­dows Movie Maker and iMovie is easy to learn and will get the job done, let­ting you build YouTube videos you can be proud of.

06 Ac­tu­ally do it

Do you know what the big­gest hur­dle to find­ing suc­cess on YouTube is? It’s you. It can be dif­fi­cult to get the courage to put your­self out there, but you can’t be­come a star if you don’t try. Fo­cus on get­ting your first video out there, and then a sec­ond, and then a third. The more con­tent you pro­duce the bet­ter you’ll get; set­tle into a rhythm and stick to a sched­ule. We be­lieve in you – good luck and have fun!

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