More movers and shak­ers from the great Xbox games-tobe list. Just come out al­ready will ya?

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Play­erun­known’s Bat­tle­grounds

Pub­lisher Blue­hole de­vel­oper Blue­hole due Win­ter 2017 Hey, guess what? A pop­u­lar Early Ac­cess game isn’t go­ing to hit its ini­tial re­lease date! Bat­tle­grounds won’t be leav­ing Early Ac­cess on PC un­til late 2017 now, miss­ing its planned Septem­ber launch. Orig­i­nally penned as an Xbox One X launch ti­tle, it’s now un­likely that you’ll be killing strangers in Yas­naya Polyana on Novem­ber 7.

Lego Marvel Su­per­heroes 2

Pub­lisher TT Games de­vel­oper Warner Bros due 14 Novem­ber If you’re not al­ready feel­ing hyped to the point of in­vol­un­tary and em­bar­rass­ing con­vul­sions for LMS2, we have three words to send you over the edge: Howard. The. Duck. Howie is among a host of newly revealed char­ac­ters, along with Vul­ture and Gwen­pool, a hy­brid of Spi­der-Man’s Gwen Stacy and that Ryan Reynolds chap.

King­dom Hearts 3

Pub­lisher square Enix de­vel­oper Square Enix Busines Di­vi­sion 3 due 2018 It says some­thing for the tal­ents of a game de­vel­oper when they can out-Pixar Pixar. And yet here we are, look­ing at

King­dom Hearts 3’ s Toy Story world, ask­ing our­selves if Woody & co ever looked this good. Due in 2018, this’ll be King­dom

Hearts’ first foray into Pixar and boy howdy, it’s do­ing so in style.

Crack­down 3

Pub­lisher Mi­crosoft Stu­dios de­vel­oper Sumo Dig­i­tal/Reagent due 7 Novem­ber Terry Crews has be­come the un­likely it-girl of gam­ing in the last 12 months. His pub­lic au­di­tion tape for Over­watch’s Doom­fist sig­nalled the gar­gan­tuan ac­tor’s pas­sion for videogame voice act­ing, and now he’s get­ting his big break: Jaxxon in Crack­down

3. We’re hop­ing his big strong arms lifts it out of the dol­drums it looks des­tined for.


Pub­lisher Dou­ble Fine Pro­duc­tions de­vel­oper Glum­ber­land Due 2018

Ooblets is the Zooey Deschanel of the games in­dus­try: strato­spher­i­cally cheer­ful and quirky, and al­most an­noy­ing. Here’s some stuff that’ll keep it be­tween the lines though: a spooky newly revealed re­gion called Null­where, pop­u­lated by the ter­ri­fy­ing,not at all adorable, um... Glanter and Snur­fler. Run!

Far Cry 5

Pub­lisher Ubisoft de­vel­oper Ubisoft Mon­treal due 27 Fe­bru­ary 2018 How long does it take to over­throw a cult of mur­der­ous fun­da­men­tal­ists? Far

Cry 5’ s lead writer Drew Holmes re­cently con­firmed that it won’t be a quick job: 20-30 hours for the main mis­sions is his es­ti­mate. Re­vamped weapons are promised too, so ev­ery com­bat en­counter should be some­thing to savour.

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