09 Chainsaw Man Resi 4

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Hor­ror games are at their most ef­fec­tive at the start, be­fore you’ve be­come de­sen­si­tised to how they frighten you. The hor­rors we re­mem­ber from most

Res­i­den­tEvil games hap­pen early on, such as the dogs in Resi1, or zom­bie hands reach­ing through win­dows in Resi2. And that’s why the Chainsaw Man is such a ter­ri­fy­ing en­emy to face so early. Just when you’ve got used to fight­ing sham­bling gana­dos, he stum­bles up, revving his chainsaw, soak­ing up ammo, killing you with one hit. Like every­thing in Resi4, it’s a fab way of break­ing the rules of hor­ror games.

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